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What We Do – Bridge in Schools

The young children we work with are vulnerable. Some face extreme hardship and their safety may be compromised. Many have complex needs. Circumstances like these make it extremely challenging for them to have a meaningful childhood and engage in their education. 

Recognising that mental health challenges can affect anyone, we offer all schools in Bristol Free Emotional Wellbeing Checks to support positive mental health. 

The majority of our work takes place in primary schools in the most disadvantaged areas of the city. Delivered by our professionally qualified therapists we offer:

  • Emotional Wellbeing Checks and whole-school emotional wellbeing programmes
  • Whole school supported partnerships
  • Training for early identification of vulnerable children and young people
  • Assessments, effective staff support and classroom strategies
  • Brief Interventions – when emotional problems need specialist help
  • Staff supervision and reflective practice
  • Professional referral reports

“What’s so great about The Bridge Foundation is that you don’t come and go, you’re in it for the long haul and that’s what makes the difference.”