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Parent and Infant Service

What is Parent-Infant Psychotherapy (PIP)?
PIP is an early intervention that focuses on the relationship between parents and their baby up to the age of 2. The aim of PIP is to help parents create a secure attachment with their baby, something that is important for the baby’s long-term healthy emotional and cognitive development. The bonding process may be disrupted by a number of factors such as a traumatic birth, an early separation, parents’ own difficult childhood, a bereavement. This can make it harder for parents to respond to their baby’s needs. In exploring some of these issues, the PIP therapist will support parents to understand their baby’s needs and communication, and how to respond to them more fully.

When to see a Parent-Infant Psychotherapist
Feel free to contact us for more information if you:

  • are worried about your relationship with your baby
  • feel depressed (postnatal depression), or anxious
  • think you may be having difficulties bonding with your baby
  • find it hard to cope with your baby’s crying
  • have gone through a traumatic birth or were separated early from your baby (e.g. by intensive care)
  • have had a previous stillbirth, miscarriage or abortion
  • have a previous history of mental health difficulties
  • are experiencing difficulties with your baby’s feeding or sleeping
  • are concerned about your baby’s development
  • are worried about the arrival of your baby and this has stirred difficult feelings around your own childhood
  • would like support in developing your relationship with your adopted baby

How do we work?
Either or both parents will be seen with their baby in our clinic . The baby is an active member of the therapy process and we will be observing him/her and his/her interaction with you. We will try to understand what he/she is trying to communicate and explore your feelings around him/her. If the baby is mobile, we will all be sitting on a mat with a few simple toys.
The session will last 50 minutes. Six initial sessions are offered and following sessions will be decided between the therapist and yourself.

Any other questions?
Call or email our referrals coordinator:
0117 9424510

Fees are £85 per session for families earning over £60,000 per year or £65 if below. We have a 24 hours cancellation policy.