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The work we deliver helps children and their families overcome complex issues. Here are the real life stories of just a few of the people we have worked with (anonymised here). The stories help convey some of the difficulties and challenges faced. Of course there is nothing like experiencing our work first hand, yet their words show the determination shown to overcome often extreme challenges and move forward in their lives.

Millie’s Story

After experiencing the separation of her family and losing contact with her Father, Millie became increasingly angry at home and at school. She experienced bullying and her behaviour had become unmanageable.  Without specialist intervention, the likely outcome would have been to exclude Millie from school.

Mille began weekly specialist psychotherapy sessions to help her better manage her emotions. 

Six months on, her confidence had increased significantly; she was more comfortable and skilled at managing her emotions and became more resilient. Millie was less angry at home, more open in class, became more creative in her learning and enjoyed the experience of school much more.

A Parent’s Story

“When I was offered help, I thought someone would give me some tips about how to treat my hyperactive son. In the first session, I was asked about how I was feeling, and thought this was an unnecessary question because I was fine and it was my son who needed help. But then I realised how wrong I was.

During the sessions I had the opportunity to focus on myself for maybe the first time in my life. Nearly every session brought out pain, which I was keeping in me for a long long time.

I was able to speak to the counsellor about everything. Even the secrets I have never been able to speak to anyone before. My journey made me understand the real reasons for my behaviours.

Understanding myself better lead to better relations with my family. I became more happy, more patient and stronger. I am thankful for the help.”

A Teacher’s View

“Working alongside the Bridge Foundation, helps us support very vulnerable children and families. It is often difficult to see the impact of this on progress data, but we know through experience that our families have received positive support. Having a Parent Counsellor is a wonderful resource, parents appreciate this and there is a clear need for the service.”