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Professionals who work with vulnerable children and adults will often be dealing with complex situations where emotional and mental health issues are involved. The Bridge offers clinical experience and expertise to help make sense of the situations and feelings connected to working with vulnerability.

Clinical Expertise

Sometimes you or your team may want some further training, to develop your knowledge and skills. At other times, you may be looking for supervision/consultation with a mental health specialist to help you to reflect on a particular situation, process it, and clarify ways forward. Or you may be looking for a place to refer a client who needs specialist therapy, which can’t be accessed through the NHS.

At the Bridge Foundation, professionals find a multidisciplinary team of highly-qualified clinicians. We have extensive experience of psychodynamic work with vulnerable children, families and adults, and consult to a wide range of professional networks. These include schools, youth and social services, clinics and medical services, voluntary sector organisations, therapy services and clinicians in private practice.

Consultation and Supervision

Supervision provides space and time with an experienced clinician to reflect on practice and on the issues in your work, especially those that are particularly challenging or difficult.  You will be given an opportunity to step back and consider the underlying dynamics, explore what the situation might be communicating about the needs of your client or colleague, and how to put this understanding to good use.

How does supervision work

Supervision is primarily a place where professionals can reflect on practice, so as to contain and process their work. It can be individual or take place in a group. Supervision helps to regulate the stress involved in working in challenging environments and with vulnerable people. It can be used in a number of ways:

  • to think about institutional and team dynamics
  • to find support with working within a role
  • to facilitate communication between group members in large and small settings.
  • to help contain difficult feelings brought up by working with vulnerable children, their families, and other vulnerable adults
  • to help one to understand the meaning of children’s and adults’ behaviour
  • to promote understanding of children’s emotional development
  • to provide a space to think psychodynamically about therapeutic work

For leaders in organisations

Heads of organisations manage stress in the organisation and among other staff, that often goes way beyond what’s ordinary. As leaders, it can be hard to find a space to think about the dynamics involved, and what makes certain situations such a particular challenge.

Supervision is a private, confidential place for leaders to get new perspectives. It is an opportunity to take stock, and to examine underlying issues, assumptions and ways of coping in role, that can be triggered at such times.

For teaching professionals

Teachers find that a great deal of their time can be taken up dealing with challenging behaviour in the classroom.  They are often working with vulnerable children and families, sometimes from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Working with such children, especially those with challenging behaviour can often evoke strong feelings in teachers and staff.  Supervision is a space for teachers and other staff to process the emotional impact of their work.  It offers an opportunity to think about children’s behaviour in terms of what it might be communicating and to explore together strategies and ideas that can help.

“I could not do this stressful job without supervision”
Learning Support Assistant

“The supervision has been about supporting me to understand the meaning of staff’s behaviour and to manage difficult conversations”
Lead Teacher

For medical and nursing professionals

Working with people who are unwell or dying and their families can be extremely challenging on an emotional level due to the high levels of anxiety and distress that patients and family members as well as those caring for them can be experiencing.  There is often little time for these professionals to process the impact on themselves of working with patients.  Supervision can help by providing a safe, confidential and containing space in which people can express and think about the often strong feelings evoked by this work. 

“(Supervision) provides an outside perspective to help one look at issues clearly and in different ways”
Clinical Nurse Specialist

For social workers

Social workers will often be witness to traumatic, risky and challenging situations, where they have to make difficult assessments and decisions. While providing key support for many vulnerable children and adults, they can also come in for hostility and attack. Supervision provides a place to take a step back and think about the feelings stirred up in the work. It is an opportunity to digest and make sense of worrying or challenging relationships in the work, in terms of what they might be communicating; and to explore together strategies and ideas that can help.

For voluntary sector organisations

Voluntary sector workers are often working on the front-line with people bringing complex and traumatic difficulties.   Supervision provides containment and a place to think about clients and cases with an experienced professional. It offers an opportunity to think about worrying or challenging relationships in the work, in terms of what they might be communicating; and to explore together strategies and ideas that can help.

For counsellors, psychotherapists, creative arts therapists

For most counsellors and psychotherapists supervision is an invaluable opportunity to present and discuss their work with another professional.  The role of supervision is to support the counsellor/therapist in their practice by providing a space to think about their work in a psychodynamic way. Codes of Practice of all Counselling and Psychotherapy Organisations require their members to have regular supervision of their work.

How to arrange supervision

To arrange supervision for a group or individual, contact the office.  You will be able to speak to a member of our team or to leave your name and number, and your call will be returned within a few days.


Statutory Services/Private sector, including Independent Schools
Group (1.25 hours): £125
Individual (50 mins): £78

Voluntary Sector/State Schools
Group (1.25 hours): £94
Individual (50 mins): £62

Private Individual
Individual (50 mins): £62

Where supervision is arranged to take place in the workplace, travel and travel time will be costed on a case by case basis.