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What is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?

Psychodynamic therapy provides a regular time for you to talk about your difficulties in a safe and confidential space.
You may come to therapy for help with dealing with depression, anxiety or relationship difficulties. You might be struggling to work and concentrate, or you finding yourself feeling irritable, tearful or angry.
Experiences in your recent or more distant past may have left you feeling very unhappy or even traumatised. There may have been a difficult separation or bereavement to negotiate – or a relationship that has left you very unhappy.
Psychodynamic psychotherapy aims to help you understand how past experiences and relationships may have lasting effects on how you feel and relate to others. The sessions provide an opportunity to explore problems in depth with the therapist in order to achieve greater self-awareness and to explore the possibility of change.
When we meet you for your consultation, we will help you to gain a fuller understanding of what you are wrestling with and think with you about how best to go forward.