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Targeted help for adults

Unhappiness and stress often occur when a current situation stirs up deeper feelings from the past that have become buried. 

Counselling and psychodynamic psychotherapy can help us to understand hidden aspects of ourselves. In a reliable setting people find support to reflect and to speak about whatever is foremost on their mind. The therapist listens and helps the person to reach a deeper self-understanding, opening the way to change. As the relationship with the therapist evolves and insights unfold, people discover more satisfying ways of coping with problems and feelings.

The Bridge runs a time-limited service for adults that can be accessed through Bristol Wellbeing Therapies, the gateway to Bristol’s NHS funded primary care service. This is a free service. The Bridge also runs a fee-paying service for young adults (up to the age of 25) which can be accessed directly. There is also a service for parents and couples.