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How to make an appointment

Time-limited, free service

The service is accessed through Bristol Wellbeing Therapies (BWT), the gateway into Bristol’s NHS funded primary care service. BWT conduct all the assessments into this free and confidential service.

The Bridge Foundation is one of a number of Qualified Providers who offer a range of therapies to adults of all ages in the programme. Referrals take about 3 months to process. You will need to tell BWT that you wish to be seen at the Bridge Foundation, for the referral to be picked up by us. This does not guarantee that the referral will reach us but it will increase your chances of getting an appointment at the Bridge.

To make an appointment you will first need to ring BWT on 0117 982 3209 and book an assessment. There may be a wait of around a week, for a telephone assessment by a BWT staff member. At that point, you can specify that you would like to be seen by the Bridge Foundation. Once we have your referral, we will contact you to offer you a first appointment. 

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