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Children’s Mental Health Week – What can you do to help?

A generation in crisis

Children’s mental health is in crisis. One in six children is experiencing mental health issues and despite greater public awareness it remains far too difficult for children and young people to access the help they need. This lack of support is leading to more children having mental health crises. Crises that may have been avoided if they were able to access help earlier.

Supporting Bristol’s children and young people

The Bridge Foundation is a centre of excellence in family mental health, specialising in providing therapeutic support for some of Bristol’s most vulnerable and at-risk families. Many of the families we support are experiencing multiple disadvantages, including inadequate housing, food poverty, unemployment, domestic violence, disability and social isolation.  These families were already under immense strain before the pandemic.

Our charitable work, Bridge in Schools, works across the city, bringing our team of specialist mental health experts into communities to support the emotional wellbeing and mental health of families facing unimaginable challenges. We work in partnership with local schools to provide a holistic approach to wellbeing, supporting parents as well as providing in depth one-to-one support for children experiencing multiple and complex issues.

Bridge in Schools has been an incredibly valuable resource for us…. we have been able to offer bespoke support to some of our most vulnerable children, their families and the wider community.”

Senior Leadership Team

We advocate a whole school approach to mental health, supporting staff with training and helping to shape strategies for emotional well-being.  Throughout the pandemic we’ve been providing a flexible mixture of direct and remote working in line with the current Government advice on Coronavirus. Amid continuing uncertainty and change, we are committed to remaining a consistent presence (direct or remote) within our communities to ensure that no child falls through the cracks. 

Make a lasting difference to local lives

Our support is delivered within the most deprived areas the City and provided free of charge to children and families. We are funded through partial contributions from our partner schools and charitable donations.

We rely on the generosity of our supporters to continue to provide our services. At a time when children and young people’s mental health is in crisis, we cannot let them down. With your support, we can reach local families who have been hardest hit by the pandemic and mitigate the harmful mental health effects on disadvantaged children in Bristol.   

Support Bridge in Schools and make a donation through our website:

If you are a school who would like to discuss working together, we are currently offering free emotional wellbeing health checks. Please contact Matthew Jenkins on 0117 9424510 or to learn more.