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Managing the summer break with young children

21st July 2022

For some, the idea of a six week break stretching out ahead of them is a welcome treat in the school year. For others, it can be an anxiety-provoking or even frightening time, which can often go unnoticed in the pressure to feel excited or relieved for the break. Children thrive on structure and boundaries […]

How to help your teenager with exam stress

19th April 2022

Exam season is here. Taking exams can be stressful both for you and your teenager to deal with. Some will feel under intense pressure to perform well (even if you’ve reassured them countless times that they just have to do their best), they might be worrying about the future and feeling like their whole life […]

Grief: some tips for parents when their children are grieving

11th January 2022

– Children grieve in many different ways, there’s no “right” way;  Reassure your child that they don’t need to do things in any particular way  – You might notice changes in behaviour – louder / quieter, more disruptive / more withdrawn / more oppositional, more excitable etc. – any change in behaviour is worth thinking […]

5 Tips For Supporting Your Teenager’s Mental Health

27th September 2021

– Adolescents are likely to want more independence one minute and to be needing your support the next; even if they seem not to need you at times, make sure they know they can always come back. – It’s natural for your teenager to be pushing against your boundaries, so you’re going to need to […]

Getting ready to head off to university?

23rd September 2021

5 tips to support your mental health: It’s not just you who feels new and a bit unsure of things, chances are everyone else does too even if they don’t show it You’ll probably need to talk to quite a few people before you meet the people you connect to, don’t worry if you don’t […]

Free Emotional Wellbeing Health Check for Your School

4th February 2021

#childrensmentalhealthweek As part of Mental Health week, and recognising the ongoing impact of the pandemic on children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing, we are re-launching our free Emotional Wellbeing Health Check  consultation service. Bridge in Schools has a 10-year track record of work with Bristol schools. Our staff are highly trained specialists in child mental […]

Helping Children with their Mental Health in Schools

3rd February 2021

#childrensmentalhealthweek There is much in the news at the moment about children and young people’s mental health, and the impact, both immediate and long-term, of the global pandemic on this. Recent research suggests that one in six young people will develop a mental illness (1). This recent NHS study estimates that children’s mental health problems […]

When are we going to get serious about investing in children’s mental health? #childrensmentalhealthweek

2nd February 2021

Children’s mental health week highlights the damage the pandemic has brought but we need to put funding behind interventions that work to really make a difference.   Overview It’s children’s mental health week, and two recently published reports both shed some light in differing ways on the current situation for children’s mental and emotional health. […]

How to help your primary age child with their mental health

1st February 2021

#childrensmentalhealthweek We are nearly a year into the COVID pandemic.  We all know some of the biggest changes for families – schools being closed to most, children (& parents) unable to socialises as normal with friends, the loss of many previously enjoyed (& much needed) activities and structures.  Children are missing out on many things […]

Stress – What is it and How to Beat it

12th November 2020

Do you feel irritable? Find it hard to sleep? Lost interest in food? Get headaches and stomach pains? Have negative thoughts or just feel down? It could be stress. It would be strange if you weren’t experiencing some form of stress around things like new experiences, pressure of work and exams, let alone the whole […]

Is your child struggling to sleep more than usual at the moment?

28th July 2020

Is your child struggling with sleep due to the impact of coronavirus?

Negotiating the end of lockdown with your teenager

16th July 2020

Do you remember how you felt at the beginning of lockdown? Confused and anxious, but possibly also a little bit excited? Entering lockdown was not easy but leaving it may be equally challenging – especially if your children are teenagers…For the last three months, you have had “complete control” over your teenage child. You’ve known […]

Children show an increase in mental health difficulties during the COVID-19 Lockdown

22nd June 2020

New research[1] from the University of Oxford shows that parents / carers of children aged 4-10 reported that during lockdown they have seen increases in their child’s emotional difficulties. This includes children feeling unhappy, worried, being clingy and experiencing physical symptoms, such as tummy aches, associated with worry. Parents also reported their children’s behaviour had […]

Your new job as a home-school teacher…

21st April 2020

For some families having your children at home all day every day & home schooling them may be wonderful, your children may have adjusted well and you may be wondering why you’d not decided to home school your children before.   Your home may be a hive of productive activity, from cake baking and model making […]

Social Media and Screen Time

5th March 2020

One of the trickiest things to negotiate in today’s modern family is the use of social media, and screen time in general. There is growing concern around negative impact it can have on young people. These worries range from the quality and quantity of sleep, to compulsive checking of phones/screens, worries about the impact of […]

Parental separation: how to support your adult children when you and your partner separate

30th January 2020

Parents can sometimes feel that when their children leave home, whether to university or to start their own families, their responsibilities as parents are largely done. It’s possible to underestimate the impact of major family change on the adult children who no longer live at home. For example children, whatever their age, often feel a significant sense of loss if and when their parents sell the childhood home, even […]

Ten Years And Counting….

19th December 2019

History of the Bridge in Schools programme

Why we Fundraise and How You Can Help

6th November 2019

The Bridge Foundation is a non-profit organisation; at the heart of everything we do is our vision – “a future where every person can feel secure about who they are and relate to others as fully and honestly as possible”.  We work to support the life chances of highly vulnerable children through improving their mental […]

Starting University

18th September 2019

Starting university can be an exciting, if not nerve-wracking time, for all first-time students. Whether you’re going to university straight after 6th form or you’ve taken a gap year, the change from being dependent to independent can feel both daunting and liberating. Since getting your results, you will have already made some major decisions such […]

Returning to school, moving class or changing school?

2nd September 2019

Everyone knows that starting primary school and then starting secondary school are big events in any child’s life, but what can sometimes be overlooked is the impact of moving up a class each September. Moving up a class – primary age Moving up a class can be very exciting but also a big challenge.  Children […]