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When Parents Separate

30th July 2019

Help for parents that have separated or are separating

When your young child is seriously ill…

20th June 2019

One of the biggest challenges for a parent is when a child is diagnosed with a serious illness. This can be experienced within the family as a trauma, akin to a bomb exploding – with all the pieces landing in different places.  The landscape looks different. There are a range of emotions which might be […]

Helping your teenager with exam stress

1st May 2019

Taking exams can be stressful. Find out what a normal level of stress is and how you can help you and your teen get through this difficult time.

How to Help When Your Child Won’t go to School

4th April 2019

If your child is reluctant or refusing to go to school it may stir up complicated feelings – often concern but also frustration and anger (“I am in a rush”, “You just have to do these things!”, “I don’t want to go to work either!”). In the moment, it might be hard to think beyond […]

Considering therapy, but not sure….?

22nd February 2019

When our emotional or mental health issues impact on our daily lives this can leave us feeling isolated and despairing. The thought of going to talk to someone about our thoughts, feelings and struggles can feel scary for a variety of reasons. We might worry what someone else would think of our thoughts, or that […]

Latest Childhood Anxiety Data

31st January 2019

New data shows childhood anxiety and behaviour problems  “widespread” A recent report from NHS Digital (November 2018) provides important new insight into UK children’s mental health. This is the first report of national childhood mental health data since 2004. It confirms mounting concerns about the number of children who experience mental health problems, and their […]

How do you Parent a Teenager?

10th January 2019

It’s a familiar situation – a child who has been generally sweet and co-operative (with some exceptions!) hits the teenage years, largely retreats to their bedroom & doesn’t talk to you any more.  Maybe they drop out of activities that they have always enjoyed, they spend hours on social media, their friendship group seems to […]

Bridge in Schools Newsletter Winter 2018

6th December 2018

Here’s the Winter 2018 Newsletter from Bridge in Schools, with: new government data on child mental health training opportunities for school staff learning from Specialist schools in supporting vulnerable children in mainstream supervision and reflective practice for schools Click here to open

Free Emotional Wellbeing Healthchecks for Bristol Schools

20th November 2018

Bridge in Schools (BiS) is offering Free Emotional Wellbeing Checks to Bristol Primary Schools. “Public spending cuts are increasing stress on families, while stripping out vital emotional and psychological support for vulnerable children. Schools are in the front line. As mental health specialists, we have to do everything we can to help them meet the challenge.” (Dr. […]

This World Mental Health Day – Don’t Forget the Children! #WMHD2015

9th October 2015

Surely we can’t go on ignoring the data? It has long been known that “half of lifetime mental illness (excluding dementia) have already developed by the age of 14”[i]. Our adult mental health services are overflowing, and large numbers of the ill are ending up in police custody or in prison, where the suicide rate […]