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5 Tips For Supporting Your Teenager’s Mental Health

Posted 27th September 2021

– Adolescents are likely to want more independence one minute and to be needing your support the next; even if they seem not to need you at times, make sure they know they can always come back.

– It’s natural for your teenager to be pushing against your boundaries, so you’re going to need to sort out the things that are negotiable from the things that aren’t, allowing them more freedom than you gave them as a child.  

– Your teenager is working out who they are and where they fit in the world; support them with this without being too alarmed at some of the stages they may need to pass through on the way.

– It can help to have a time planned into the week to address any “issues” with your teenager, and for them to address any issues with you, so that you can keep other times (like mealtimes) free from this.

– It’s a natural part of adolescence that friends start to be a bigger influence than parents, your teen will need some space to be with others without parental supervision.

If you’re worried that your teenager’s states of mind are not just normal adolescent development, seek expert advice from an adolescent mental health specialist.