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The Bridge in Schools

Staff Support


A Partnership Approach

           We place emphasis on good communication with teachers and pastoral staff. We welcome teachers’ input when students are referred to our service, and offer feed back to staff at the end of counselling if appropriate.

           Our therapists also promote collaborative work, teaming up with pastoral support staff and learning mentors to plan and deliver interventions with vulnerable young people. Running groups with pastoral support staff is another way of sharing expertise and building capacity.


Staff Training

The Bridge in Schools training programme includes stand-alone and bespoke twilight and inset sessions for schools on themes such as

¨ Attachment in the Learning Relationship

¨ Understanding Bereavement

¨ Risk in Adolescence


Consultation about individual pupils

Sometimes schools want some specialist input to help understand a child or young person whose behaviour is troubling and hard to resolve. Bridge in Schools therapists offer consultation to staff as part of the Supported Partnership and Brief Intervention programmes. This may be a thinking space for staff, or include some classroom observations and/or assessment sessions with the child, depending on the case.


Work Discussion and Reflective Practice Groups

The Bridge in Schools runs regular work discussion groups for staff teams, where staff can bring children and young people whose behaviour is a worry, for a team discussion. These groups are extremely helpful for 

¨ building staff capacity around identifying problems early and knowing how to respond,

¨ building a shared understanding of emotional aspects of learning across a staff group

¨ developing integrated practice.


Specialist supervision

We have a long track record of providing supervision to school staff in specialist roles—eg Pastoral Support Leads, SENCos, Family Link Workers, Child Protection Leads. Supervision can be arranged at the Bridge or in school.

‘…work discussion groups offered to staff have now been identified as a model of good practice.  Within project schools, evaluation has also shown overwhelmingly that staff find the discussion groups supportive – helping them to develop skills in working with challenging students as well as contributing to a reduction in their own work-related stress. (Young Minds Issue 106 June/July 2010)

  If you would like further information, an information pack, or to arrange a visit by one of our staff to your setting, then please call 0117 9424510.


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