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The Bridge in Schools




Impact of what we do


à 86% children and families report POSITIVE PROGRESS


à SCHOOL DIFFICULTIES reduced for 79%


à ACHIEVEMENT raised for 63%

à CLASS DISRUPTION reduced for 67%


  ‘I liked the fact that if I had trouble I could speak to someone because before counselling I would just hold it and it would come out as anger’. (age 15yrs)


It was helpful and I feel I can speak to someone if I have any troubles. And sometimes a bit emotional’. (age 12yrs)


‘I was worried and a bit scared. My feelings always stayed inside me but I shared them with my counsellor. I feel like a heavy load of worries were out of me, were gone.’ ( age 12yrs)


‘I had my things inside me, feelings, shared out. I thought it was going to be just boring chatting but it was helpful chatting. I could share my feelings and experiences with the counsellor that I couldn’t share with anyone else’. (age 14yrs)


‘I’ve found it very useful and it helps me with my confidence. It has helped me understand what part I play and part other people play in the situation.’ (age 16yrs)


‘I feel really proud of myself because it has helped me a lot making friends with new people and people I didn’t used to like. And I’ve got a lot of courage to say ‘whatever’. (age 13yrs)


‘I'm friendlier to my friends. I used to fight a lot but now I don’t have to.’ (age 9 yrs)


‘I don’t play on my own any more so much.’ (age 8 yrs)


‘Playing helps me—things I don’t like to write or talk about’ (age 7 yrs)


‘I get on better with my mum.’ (age 6 yrs)


‘It’s a place where I can talk about things (age 10 yrs)


 If you would like further information, an information pack, or to arrange a visit by one of our staff to your setting, then please call 0117 9424510.


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